The following terms & conditions represent the various services, applications and competitions run by Up & Away Vision.

All data collected by Up & Away Vision will be provided to the client unedited, “straight out of the camera” unless otherwise specified and agreed upon i.e. Post-Processing is required by the client, in which case an additional fee will be discussed with the client as part of the initial quote.

  • The only exception to this is in the case of 360° Experiences which usually require in-house processing by Up & Away Vision and will be hosted through www.upandawayvision.co.uk, unless otherwise agreed with the client. As such the price quoted for 360° Experiences includes basic post-processing (including stitching and creation of a simple tour).  Please get in Contact for more details or a quote.
  • Unless otherwise requested by the client all visual data will be collected in flat and native camera settings to allow for more effective post-processing.

In order to confirm a booking with Up & Away Vision, a deposit of 25% of the total cost of work (inc. all additional charges), is required no less than fourteen days prior to the proposed date of work (unless otherwise discussed with the client).

Uncopyrighted data collected by Up & Away Vision will not be released to the client until full payment is received by Up & Away Vision.

  • Full payment of all services provided (inclusive of all additional charges) is required by Up & Away Vision no later than 30 days after the completion of work, upon agreement with the client.

Work that requires any additional CAA exemptions i.e. work taking place within the London Terminal Manoeuvring Area, major airport ATZs, at night or in urban areas requiring Operational Safety Cases will incur further charges payable by the client. These charges will be notified to the client as soon as Up & Away Vision have been made aware of them by the CAA.

  • Work requiring any of the above exemptions will require a minimum of 28 days before the date of work to be approved by the CAA.
  • Payment for exemptions are required prior to Up & Away Vision applying to the CAA. As such, each charge is non-refundable.

Expenses will be charged directly to the client and are non-refundable except in a situation where Up & Away Vision are unable to operate due to internal factors.

  • Travel is charged at 45p per mile outside of the Devon County border.
  • Any additional travel charges i.e. accommodation, parking charges and music rights for use in videos,  will be discussed as necessary with the client.

Overtime will be charged at £135 per hour of additional operation beyond the original time scale of Services purchased.

At Up & Away Vision we are incredibly proud of the quality of work we produce for our clients. As such, we offer 10% off the total cost of services purchased (not inc. exemptions or expenses) if you allow us to use the images taken, for use as promotional purposes.

  • “Promotional purposes” can include being used as a feature in our Gallery or any other page of www.upandawayvision.co.uk, uploading to social media sites and inclusion into Samples.
  • Content released by Up & Away Vision for “promotional purposes” will never be released prior to the client receiving and publishing the content to the public, unless otherwise agreed.

We are also pleased to offer 10% off the total cost of services purchased (not inc. exemptions or expenses) if you refer a client on to our services (monies will be reimbursed upon receipt of final payment from the referred client).

  • For this offer to apply, the referred client must purchase at least a half days work from Up & Away Vision across any of our Services.
  • The name of the company who has provided the referral must be stated at the time of booking.
  • This offer can only be applied once per purchased services.

In the event that filming has to be postponed to factors affecting the ability to operate the UAV safely, an alternative date will be discussed and the deposit retained by Up & Away Vision until that date.

  • For information on the operational limits of the UAV, please refer to our Questions & Answers page or get in Contact.

In the unfortunate circumstance that Up & Away Vision is unable to operate due to internal factors (i.e. systems failure) and the discussed project cannot be re-scheduled for another day. The deposit will be returned in full to the client within seven working days of the agreed date of work. However if external factors (i.e. weather) affect the ability to fly (and a re-schedule is not possible) , Up & Away Vision reserve the right to retain the deposit and any additional charges (exemptions and travel) in full, unless otherwise discussed.

If a booking is cancelled seven (or more) days prior to the proposed date of work the deposit will be returned in full. However if a booking is cancelled within seven days of the proposed date of work, Up & Away Vision reserves the right to retain the deposit in its entirety. Exceptions will be discussed with clients for bookings made closer than seven days prior to the proposed date of work.





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