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Yes, Up & Away Vision has been approved by the CAA to carry out commercial operations. Our pilots have all undergone the necessary qualifications and steps to ensure they are able to use our drones safely.

Yes. We hold full third party public liability insurance to the value of £5,000,000. Our drones are also fully insured. Insurance policies held by Up & Away Vision are fully compliant with EC regulation 785/2004 relating to drones.

In line with our CAA Permission for Commercial Operations we can operate our drones in direct line of sight up to 400ft vertically above ground level and 500m horizontally from the point of take-off. During flight we must also remain a minimum distance of 50m away from individuals or buildings not under our control.

We require 5km or more worth of clear visibility, no rain within 3km and winds gusting at less than 20mph to operate safely. We also are unable to operate if the temperature is below -5°C.

Safety is our highest concern when it comes to flying a drone. All of our equipment is programmed with failsafes should control signals be lost or batteries are close to being depleted. This systems are checked before each flight and our pilots regularly test them t ensure that they are functioning as they should.

If required we can also limit the areas our drones can fly in by using geofencing technology. This helps prevent the drone from going into areas that we need to avoid.

Most areas of work are possible with a UAV. However certain environments require further permissions to be gained from the CAA. These include areas within the London Terminal Manoeuvring Area and airport Air Traffic Zones. Please note that work taking place in these areas require no less than 28 days’ notice to be approved by the CAA. For more information please see our Terms & Conditions.

We will travel to the location where we will set up our kit: UAS, monitors, cameras and health & safety items.

An onsite briefing is then carried out to confirm your specific requirements. We also carry out a full health & safety check in accordance with the CAA’s guidelines. We can be ready to go within 20/30 minutes of arriving on site.

Once we are flying, we stream a live video to a monitor, which you and the camera operator can see, allowing easy discussion and modification regarding the types of shots that are required.

Our aircraft can fly and film for between 14-18 minutes (depending on the weather) per battery. We then land and replace the battery (approx. 2 minutes turn around).

The pilot on the day will have the final say as to whether the flight can take place.

Dependent on a lot of the factors mentioned above our prices will vary, as such we operate on a quote by quote basis.

To make a booking with us, you can contact us by email, phone or text. We will discuss your requirements and ask you a few questions about the location, nature of the flight and the end result.

Using this information we will then carry out some safety and background checks to ensure that we are able to operate safely and will then contact you with a quote for your enquiry. Once you have agreed the cost, a 25% deposit will be required to confirm the booking. We will then meet you or representative on site on the day of the work and complete your filming/photography.

At the end of the shoot, we will send you a link where you will be able to download of the raw images and video from the day, or you can bring a usb hard drive with you on the day for us to transfer to. In the event that you are having your images edited by Up & Away Vision, we aim to turnaround your edits within the deadlines you may have given us.





If you are interested in more information and to see how we can help you with any aerial or ground based imaging and filming, drop us line using any of the below methods. We look forward to hearing from you.


We are based in Devon but travel all over the UK to capture the view from the air.

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